About Us

Victor Corporation is celebrating 75 years of quality and service in the jewelry industry! We offer an array of fine jewelry for all of life’s seasons. Victor specializes in unique and attractive bridal and fashion styles that appeal broadly to the American consumer. We source diamonds and gemstones from the world’s stone-cutting centers and produce an elegant line of rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants that fill retail jewelry showcases throughout the United States.



As a trusted supplier to independent jewelers, Victor designs and provides comprehensive marketing programs featuring social media campaigns, seasonal flyers, displays, direct mail campaigns, and digital advertising materials. Victor’s design team works directly with jewelers to integrate jewelry images and marketing campaigns with web sites and other electronic platforms.



Jewelers depend on Victor’s insight and flexibility, the essence of a jewelry firm that is a partner with its customers. Personal service and aggressive product promotion complement Victor’s elegant Gem-Art fine jewelry—the ingredients jewelers need to compete. Choose Victor, an American manufacturer since 1946.